Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Because they’re so darn cute! Not to mention scrumptious.
In fact, so popular is the cupcake that small artisan cupcake
bakeries, creating amazing gourmet cupcakes have begun
to pop up across America. If not already one in your
neighborhood, one is soon to be coming... ?

A recent article in the New York Times asked “Will
Cupcakes Be the Next Krispy Kreme?” Ever been tempted
by that HOT sign –especially on a cold, grey day?!! Cupcakes
have a similar appeal...who isnt tempted by an adorable,
yummy, personal little cake of their own.
They not only satisfy
any sweet tooth out there with the endless flavors, and varieties,
but equally as important in their appeal -is the way they make
us feel. Going back to the 1950’s when Hostess Cupcakes
became a mainstay in American homes cupcakes began to
win hearts nationwide. Their journey into families all over
the world has continued to our day. The cupcakes our parents
had when they were young, they made for us, today....we make
them for our families, and so goes the story of the cupcake.
The nostalgia of the way we enjoyed cupcakes when we were
young is now something that we can easily repeat for our
friends and family. As life becomes ever more busy, anyone
can take a moment to enjoy a sweet Americans
have been doing for decades. Cupcake bakeries may be
popping up for plenty of good reasons, and I believe-they are
here to stay.... be are here to stay.

enjoy aa

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