Wednesday, August 12, 2009


by Amanda Ashley
LOVE the frosting? Ever wondered how to get your frosting to
look like the bakeries do? There are many different tips on the
market, and each one turns out a totally different look. This photo
is taken from and shows us perfectly how to get the look

these 4 pastry tips offer. You can purchase cupcake decorating
tips anywhere from your local market, to a craft store and even online.
Just choose your favorite frosting- assemble your choice of tip,
fill the pastry bag up...and frost away!

I love each frosting look for a different reason. Some of these
cupcakes remind me of the ones we used to buy at the grocery
store when I was a kid. Others, are just plain simple to execute
which is a good idea for beginners. If I am frosting a cupcake
that is super sweet, and using super sweet frosting...I adjust the
tip- and therefore, the amount of frosting that goes on top.
This is important to think about so that it has the perfect
portion of cake verses icing. You have got to have the right
amount of each for the perfect cupcake eating experience!
....Who knew there was so much thought that goes into
frosting a cupcake?!

Thank you to : for such a great visual on how perfectly frosted cupcakes are done!

enjoy, aa

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  1. Please give photo credit to Bake it Pretty! Thank you! -fellow cupcake baker and fan of Bake it Pretty