Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Superbowl....cupcakes? Hmmmm-food for thought.

  • ok...so perhaps we may typically first think of chips and dip...or perhaps, pizza? Well consider this...did you know that the Super bowl party is the #1 stay-at-home party event of the year?!!
Super bowl cupcakes
Super Bowl 44 (XLIV)!!!!

Where will you be on Sunday February 7, 2010 at 6:30 p.m? Even if you are not a BIG football fan, nor one at all....chances are preee-ttty good that you will still be somewhere close to a TV set. We all know that Super Bowl Sunday is a day of eating. In fact, the average person will consume approximately 1,2oo calories that night! We say, make sure that at least a few of those calories be spent on the adorable and yummy cupcake!
You can also call LNC now to pre-order your cupcakes for your party!

be happy. eat cupcakes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely little thing...

White Individual Cupcake Favor Boxes
SWEET idea...who wouldn't be happy to get this lovely little gift?
I found these adorable boxes available online at:

Love'n Cupcakes also offers individual boxed cupcakes. Just choose any of the cupcakes that our menu has, and let us know how many you need boxed up!
eat cupcakes. be happy.


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GROWING UP, WE CALLED THESE SPRINKLES...CHOCOLATE ANTS! M-mmm, never knew ants tasted so darn good!
If your a chocolate lover, these sprinkles are the ONLY WAY TO GO. Great for dipping ice cream cones in, topping frosted cupcakes, or just taking a hand full for you late afternoon chocolate fix! you will never eat cheep sprinkles again!
LNC's HoHo Cupcake has now been upgraded with these yummy chocolate ants...try our top seller, or purchase our own sprinkles and give em a whirl! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed. http://www.callebaut.com/

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mobile Cupcake Truck Hits Atlanta

Get ready Atlanta...your very first cupcake truck just hit the streets! Check out the video of LNC Cupcake mobile at its first event located at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead.
To book your next event with the Love'n Cupcakes call 404-846-3313 or vist them at http://www.lovencupcakes.com

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you love to entertain, I have something new and exciting  to try! …Surprise your guests with an unexpected dessert-a BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKE!

No, I am not talking about a cupcake like the ones you had when you were a child, I mean the updated version of these little cakes. These days, cupcakes have taken on a whole new identity. They can range anywhere from simple to elegant…even couture! Choose which one fits your dinner party theme…maybe a simple and beautiful cupcake to finish off a rich savory fall meal. Perhaps you want a totally decadent, over-the-top  cupcake to end your dinner party with a smash! Either way cupcakes can be the perfect finishing touch-individualizing your fabulous evening-“like a strand of pearls with the classic little black dress”. Just be sure  to serve these beauties in a charming and memorable way. 

Reminding your guests of fond childhood memories in such a beautiful and updated way will not only bring them delight, but bring kudos to the cutting edge hostess! Who knows? Maybe it will even evoke happy conversation surrounding childhood memories. Darling cupcakes -an unexpected dinner party dessert indeed!

Be happy. Eat cupcakes.

enjoy, aa

Monday, August 24, 2009


This is a fabulous idea! Bake some cupcakes and set out several types of frosting choices. Now for the fun part...gather a bunch of exciting and pretty (of course they have to be pretty!) toppers and set on a pretty table in pretty little bowls. Invite guests over to indulge themselves and enjoy something exciting and new.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Little cupcake servers in training...

For your next get together-use adorable little servers! It is fun for them, and easy for you. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert that require only a hungry tummy, and a cupcake in hand. When they are decorated pretty, they can also be a topic for conversation! In times where many are going back to the basics to enjoy simple things, an evening of coffee and cupcakes is a delightful idea!

enjoy,aaFont size