Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cupcakes as party favors?- WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!

by Amanda Ashley
But might ask? It is easy as pie-or cupcakes! Here’s
YOU can make individual boxed cupcakes for your party
favors or purchase them from cupcake bakeries around
America. Check out these cute boxes that I found at they also have cute ones at The ones by wilton have windows, but I prefer
the suspense of not knowing what’s inside. Besides, when
you get a cute little box- you are already thrilled! (THINK...
TIFFANY AND CO.!) Your guest will be even more elated
when they open it up to a precious cupcake as a secondary
surprise! You can purchase cupcakes from a local baker,
( or make your own cupcakes and serve
them in their very own personally decorated boxes. Tie them
up with pretty ribbon and a sweet little card. It is a cute way
to personalize your next event.

Remember that cupcakes make people HAPPY, and are
a sure party pleaser.

enjoy, aa

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