Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Precious wedding cupcake memories

by Amanda Ashley
For those who have not been to a wedding recently...cupcakes
ARE are the new wedding cake. It is such a simple and elegant
way to serve wedding cake and double as an individual gift to
all of your guests. With all of the beautiful ideas, the
possibilities are endless. Brides love them because they
can ‘design’ their own signature cupcake to go with the
theme of their dream day. Guests love them because they
get their own personal beautiful, yummy baby cake!-what’s
not to love about that? Even if you don’t like sweets, or cake
for that matter, you are certain to be happy to bring it
home and share it with someone who does!

Here is a photo taken of a cupcake the bride actually made
herself at a wedding my sister just attended. This one has a
tulip style muffin paper, and a gum paste dogwood flower
both of which they were able to purchase locally. It is actually
quite simple, and fun if you like to bake.
For the less ambitious baker, LNC has a beautiful
. This one has been
specifically designed with wedding cake lovers in mind.
Whether your getting married and want to order custom
cupcake toppers to individualize it for your wedding, or
just want to have this delicious cupcake for your next affair,
it is perfectly moist and the champagne custard center is
DIVINE! Check it out.

If you are headed down the aisle, just remember- this is
your day...make it as special, and enjoy!

designed for your perfect day! Let us adorn it just for you…
choose your custom cupcake topper- and you have your
very own precious wedding cupcake memory.

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