Wednesday, August 12, 2009


by Amanda Ashley
Eating a cupcakes can make you feel young again...even if for a
moment. Remember when the simplest things made you happy?
Think back-waaaay back. YES!

Remember the thrill of riding your bike on a cool summer
evening, or coming in to hot cocoa after an afternoon of
playing in the snow. These were some of the simple pleasures
many of us enjoyed. Even if you don’t immediately recall any
particularly ‘nostalgic’ memories, we can certainly all
appreciate the child’s ability to find the joy in tiniest little
experience live brings their way.

Today is your BIG KID chance to find the thrill in something
simple and joyful. Don’t just go eat a cupcake, go DEVOUR
a cupcake! Ok...maybe your at work, and feel embarrased to
eat a cupcake in front of your colleagues that way...close the

(just be sure to clean off your face;-)

If you don’t have access to a cupcake nearby, why not stop
by the market on your way home to pick up boxed cake mix
and frosting. Go home, turn on some fun music, pour a glass
of wine and have fun baking your own! DVR your fave show
and then when they are baked to perfection
(MMMMM-I can smell them now!) - sit down and enjoy a
simple and sweet evening. At LNC it is one of our missions
to reignite your passion for our favorite dessert-CUPCAKES,
and the simple pleasures life has waiting for us.

enjoy, aa

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