Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Not many would disagree, life is so busy these days and many
are taking a journey back to the basics...on a quest for simple
pleasures. What I have found is that -while they may vary
from person to person, they don’t cost much if anything
at all. They may be anything from a smile that someone shares
unexpectedly with you, to the smell of something good in
the oven. The funny thing is that those simple pleasures
waiting to be re-discovered have never left...once you make
an effort to look for them you will see that they are
everywhere, waiting to be enjoyed.

Love ‘n Cupcakes is inspired by this very notion...enjoy something perfectly simple. The funny thing is....cupcakes have been around for a very long time! The only difference is that now people are taking the time to notice them. Whether you buy cupcakes, or make them for yourselves, enjoy the simple pleasure that they can bring you. Take a moment to -smell the cupcakes!

enjoy, aa

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