Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Love is in the air...what better way to celebrate than with the quintessential –cupcake.

by Amanda Ashley
Cupcakes are cheerful, and can be personalized to fit your
loved ones and their personalities. The possibilities are
absolutely endless! DID YOU KNOW!???-These days
you can send cupcakes to anyone, anywhere! If you don’t
have the time to bake em yourself, cupcake bakeries
throughout America are now shipping cupcakes nationwide.
These cuties pictured are from Tea Cake Bake Shop...
wouldn’t you LOVE to get this cute little surprise in the
mail?! You can also check out my cupcakes at ship our adorable (if I don’t say so
myself:) filled gourmet cupcakes nationwide as well.

If you are a new baker and want to give baking cupcakes a
try, I suggest by starting with boxed cupcakes and
embellishing them....semi-homemade. Nothing wrong with
that! -gotta start somewhere-right? This is a family favorite
cupcake recipe I started with way back is easy,
and tastes super duper moist!

Moms easy beginners cupcake recipe
1 box yellow cake mix
1box (6oz) chocolate instant pudding
1 cup veg. oil
4 eggs
3/4 cup water
generous amount of chocolate chips add that homemade
look, texture, and taste...Mmmmm

Prepare batter and fill cupcake liners 3/4 full. This will
bake the cupcakes a little over the tops of the liners for
a larger cupcake that looks really good. Bake 350 for
approx 20 min. -depending on your oven.

semi-homemade icing recipe
vanilla frosting purchased from local grocer
1 cup of cool whip
1 tsp. vanilla extract
With an electric mixer whip together vanilla frosting a cup
of cool whip, and vanilla. This is a great short cut for fluffy
and yummy frosting...decorate to you loved ones personality
and voila!

Either which way you choose to do it....share cupcakes with
someone you love-they make people HAPPY.

enjoy, aa

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