Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The debated question...which one do you LOVE more? Are
you a cake person...or perhaps a frosting hog?! Cake is certainly
a formidable contender. When perfectly baked it is spongy,
sweet, and perfectly moist. However, any cupcake lover will
have to agree that frosting is a great contestant as well-
velvety smooth, fluffy, sweet, and creamy!

Which is your favorite?
- Well, I promote equal opportunity for all!!! In fact, I like to
take the cupcake experience to the level of near perfection by
adding a filling to the competition! Mmmmm-mmmm!!! This
way each bite delivers the perfect combination of cake,
creamy filling, and fluffy frosting. No one said you cant have
it all...that’s why cupcakes are perfect, they do have it all.

So put cupcakes on your list of things TO DO today, but just
remember-don’t discriminate. Not everything in life is a

enjoy, aa

This Light Lemon delight cupcake has it all!

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