Wednesday, August 12, 2009


by Amanda Ashley

What a precious idea-so cute! I LOVE this idea of giving a
cupcake care package to someone as a gift. You can
assemble your own by getting them all of the things they
will need to create cupcakes and package it up into a sweet
little gift package.

Here is another sweet one I came across-LOVE the
presentation and the variety-different cupcake liners and
toppers to fit their mood!

My mother made her own version of this cute idea for each
of her daughters last Fall when our Family got together on
vacation. She had all of the makings for cupcakes including
a platter to display them all wrapped up in an adorable
package! This was the greatest gift because we were able to
take an afternoon and bake and enjoy cupcakes together
and not just any cupcakes~TAKE A LOOK...

enjoy, aa

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