Monday, August 17, 2009


There are not many things as innocent and pure as a baby’s love. If one is about to enter your world- congratulations, it is about to become much much SWEETER!
Whether a precious little chap, or a darling little lady your undying devotion to one another will be a pure joy. THAT- is cause for celebration!

Celebrate their anticipated arrival with sweet, adorable cupcakes. Personalize the cupcakes to them (or at least how you imagine they will be!). Cupcakes are perfect for party’s because of this very notion. Not only can you have the cupcakes decorated to a tee for your little prince or princess, they are the perfect personal and portable dessert! Your guests are able to pick them up and
enjoy. No fuss...just pure, easy, enjoyment. So next time you celebrate-do it the cupcake way.

enjoy, aa

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